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About Us

When my baby was one year old, motherhood felt pretty special and empowering at the same time.

I was juggling my job as a voice-over artist and relishing spending all my free moments with my daughter. Feeling rather rested following a few months of full-nights sleep (she was always a good sleeper!), I felt compelled to create a project inspired by this ever growing new love! I had a story, characters, a name "Milie et Hector" ( you've guessed it my daughter is called Milie and Hector because there is a nice sound to it), and perpetual comments about how gorgeous Milie's wardrobe looked.

I wanted to find a concept which combined a passion for fashion, and my love for words, stories and films! Milie et Hector was born, with a first Spring/Summer collection of carefully selected brands, with a European feel, a first book with a French and English versions and a mini-cartoon in both languages too.

The playful twist: the characters of the book and the cartoon wear some of the adorable clothes, available on our site. There is something unique, ephemeral and seasonal about it, like a limited edition, which is so much fun, but at the same time, the stories stand alone too, and will charm both parents and child alike, perennially...

About Milie et Hector

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