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Clothing Size Guide

Sizing Tips

These are general sizing tips for some of our brands, if you need us to measure an item, or specific advice about a particular piece, please don't hesitate to contact us by mail or phone 020 3875 5644, it will be our pleasure to advise you and give you a bespoke service.

I test our capsule collection on my 3 year old daughter and expect clothes to withstand washing well and still look good after being washed a good few times, and to last, even when put through their paces at the park, & other activities :)

Arsene et les Pipelette

In general French brands are on the smaller side, so choose a size up particularly if your child is for example 3 and a half, 4 and a half etc... when wearing the items in season.

Their trousers and chinos are great for children with smaller hips (I had issues to find trousers for my daughter who is tall for 3 and a half but slim at the waist/hips, and those are a perfect fit).

Their cuts are well proportioned, and comfortable.

T shirts are really lovely on, gorgeous fit, really a dream to wear.

If you have a small or tall child, don't hesitate to get in touch, we will measure the garments for you if needed. 

Bonheur du Jour

Quite generous fit and proportions for a French brand,

They go from a 2Y to 4Y: For a 2 Year old chose size 2Y, for a 3 year old, if you have a small child go with 2Y, for a taller child choose 4Y.

The dresses are quite generous in terms of length

True to size for babies too.

Carement Beau

In general French brands are on the smaller side, so choose a size up particularly if your child is for example 3 and a half, 4and a half etc... when wearing the items in season.

Fit true to size.

As well as their well-cut clothes, their coats for either winter and summer are really exquisite, they look tailor-made and fit truly beautifully with gorgeous "designers" details and extremely hard-wearing. We had many a compliment :) throughout the seasons.

Bakker Made with Love

Great beach wear, light material, and in terms of fit, lots of loose cuts, long length for dresses, for a Bohemian feel. Reminiscent of St Tropez beachwear, great on and off the beach.


Crisp cuts, more structured but still light and super wearable. Fit true to size. Their cardigans are very hard-wearing, take a size up ie 4Y for a 3 year old.

Emile et Ida

Very cool pieces, French brand, so generally buy a size up. Lovely, comfortable cuts. True to size.

I guess what makes us melt this season is the softness of the materials, it's just so lo gorgeous on the skin.

Their structured little shorts are a great buy for girls as they really fit incredibly for all body shapes, as well as being super soft.

Ts and sweatshirts have great fit and incredible softness.

Le Big

True to size, their pleated skirts are a great fit, the gorgeous dungaree is a great fit, it elongates the silhouette and at the same time feels comfortable.

Mini a Ture

Scandinavian brands are generally more generous size-wise, but this summer collection from Mini a Ture is actually true to size, so wouldn't hesitate to take a size up, particularly for dresses or skirts.

Boys shorts and trousers are a generous fit. 

Petite Lucette

Gorgeous cuts, great attention to detail. Their blouses, jumpers and skirts are true to fit.

This season their shorts are a very generous size, perhaps not suitable for a small hipped child.

This season, the Ingrid dress has a lots of material, despite feeling light, but probably a better fit for an average or slender/taller child. All the other pieces are lovely on all body shapes.

Clothing Size Guide

Clothes size Height Weight Chest Waist
Newborn up to 56cm/22" up to 4.5kg/10lb
0-3m up to 62cm/24.5" up to 6kg/13lb
3-6m up to 68cm/27" up to 8kg/17.5lb
6-12m up to 80cm/31.5" up to 10kg/22lb
12-18m up to 86cm/34" up to 12kg/26.5lb
up to 92cm/36" up to 52cm/20.5" up to 50.5cm/20"
up to 98cm/38.5" up to 54cm/21.5" up to 52cm/20.5"
up to 104cm/41" up to 56cm/22" up to 54cm/21"
up to 110cm/43.5" up to 58cm/23" up to 55cm/21.5"
up to 116cm/45.5" up to 60cm/23.5" up to 56cm/22"
up to 122cm/48" up to 62cm/24.5" up to 57cm/22.5"
up to 128cm/50.5" up to 64cm/25" up to 58cm/23"
9Y up to 134cm/53" up to 67cm/26.5" up to 60cm/23.5"
Clothes size Height Chest Waist Hip
up to 140cm/55" up to 70cm/27.5" up to 62cm/24.5" Girls up to 77cm/30"
Boys up to 74cm/29"
11Y up to 146cm/57.5" up to 74cm/29" up to 64cm/25" Girls up to 81cm/32"
Boys up to 78cm/30.5"
up to 152cm/60" up to 78cm/30.5" up to 66cm/26" Girls up to 84cm/33"
Boys up to 82cm/32"
13Y up to 158cm/62" Girls up to 81cm/32"
Boys up to 82cm/32"
Girls up to 67cm/26.5"
Boys up to 69cm/27"
Girls up to 87cm/34"
Boys up to 84cm/33"
up to 164cm/64.5" Girls up to 83cm/32.5"
Boys up to 86cm/34"
Girls up to 68cm/27"
Boys up to 72cm/28.5"
Girls up to 90cm/35.5"
Boys up to 88cm/34.5"
15Y Girls up to 165cm/65"
Boys up to 170cm/67"
Girls up to 86cm/34"
Boys up to 89cm/35"
Girls up to 70cm/27.5"
Boys up to 74cm/29"
Girls up to 92cm/36"
Boys up to 91cm/36"
Girls up to 166cm/65.5"
Boys up to 176cm/69"
Girls up to 88cm/34.5"
Boys up to 92cm/36"
Girls up to 71cm/28"
Boys up to 76cm/30"
Girls up to 93cm/36.5"
Boys up to 94cm/37"

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